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Telework is an alternative work arrangement that permits eligible employees to perform officially assigned duties at an alternative worksite. An alternative worksite is a place away from the traditional worksite (the traditional worksite being where the employee would work absent a telework arrangement) that has been approved for the performance of officially assigned duties. It may be the employees home or other pre-approved worksite.

Work suitable for telework depends on job content rather than job title, type of appointment, or work schedule. Some positions e.g., entry level, trainee, and probationary status employees are not suitable for long-term telework arrangements. Other positions ineligible for telework may include employees who handle secure materials or special equipment, or employees assigned to national security or intelligence positions. Positions that require daily access to classified information, or require the employee to have daily face-to-face contact with the supervisor, colleagues, clients, or the general public are generally not eligible for telework.